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Expovina Weinausstellung Weinschiffe

 Reviving Marvel: PS.Partners Unveils Visuals for 67th Expovina Weinschiff Wine Tradeshow 2022!

PS.Partners breathes life into Expovina Weinschiff Wine Tradeshow 2022 visuals, set on the boats of Lake Zurich. After a pandemic-induced pause, we faced the challenge of reviving the marketing visuals for this renowned wine fair. Departing from the traditional cork floating in water motif, we embraced a fresh approach, incorporating the iconic ZSG Dampfschiff Zurich model within a wine bottle. It beautifully encapsulates the fair’s boat setting, inviting attendees to return after the unforeseen COVID-19 break. This realistic photo composition features a meticulously crafted model, capturing every detail flawlessly.

But that’s not all! PS.Partners has also developed additional logos and pictograms for the new Expovina Klubschiff offering and other elements. These designs enhance the overall experience, allowing attendees to navigate the event effortlessly while maintaining compliance with alcohol-related regulations.

Witness the revival of this marvelous event as PS.Partners presents the striking visuals for the 67th Expovina Weinschiff Wine Tradeshow 2022. Immerse yourself in a world where wine, boats, and celebration harmoniously blend. Join us and be part of an extraordinary experience that pays homage to the enduring allure of wine and resilience.

PS.Partners invites you to discover the magic of Expovina Weinschiff Wine Tradeshow 2022, where imagination sets sail and the flavors of fine wines await. Come aboard and embrace the grandeur of this magnificent event.

Expovina Wein-Ausstellung is the largest wine fair on boats founded over 65 years ago. Over 160 wineries and traders exhibit over 4000 wines on boat of the Zürisee Gesellschaft & over 50’000 visitors are attendending the event.